'A Star Is Born' Reimagined With 8 of Our Favorite Celeb Pairings

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have undeniable chemistry in the latest edition of A Star Is Born. But as great as their chemistry and as compelling of a film, after watching, I wondered how the chemistry and the film itself would have changed if a different pair of celebs had been cast. So, I scoured pop culture (and the depths of my brain) to come up with the best celeb pairings and plotlines for the next possible batch of A Star is Born remakes.

1. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Plot: In an instance of art imitating life, two former child stars (and exes!) must reunite to revitalize their careers… and their relationship. 

Key musical number: “You Were Always The Music In Me,” in which they realize they never should have split up

2. Lana Condor and Noah Centineo 

Plot: Two young aspiring performers get their big break together and are forced to fake a relationship for an intricate marketing campaign. 

Key musical number: “I Don’t Feel Nothing,” a double negative of a song in which Noah Centineo’s character realizes that he *actually* has feelings for Lana Condor 

3. Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan

Plot: Timmy and Sersh are tried and true indie coffeehouse performers, who resent the mainstream entertainment industry and make a pact to never sell out. But when they fall on hard times, they go their separate ways, each selling out in their own way, only to be reunited in an emotional conclusion. 

Key musical number: “No Love,” an acoustic opening number in a coffee shop where they sing of their thinly veiled disdain for mainstream entertainment.

4. Zendaya and Tom Holland 

Plot: Zendaya plays a mega pop star who is wowed by a new dancer on her tour—played by Tom Holland. She works to help start his career but is heartbroken when he leaves to become a member of a prestigious dance company. No professional jealousy in this one, just lots of romantic angst.  

Key musical number: “Always and Forever,” a heart-wrenching ballad Z sings on Tom’s final night on her tour, in which she promises to love him…always and forever 

5.Chrissy Teigen and John Legend 

Plot: A classical musician (John Legend) is told by management that he needs to engage with fans more frequently on social media. Clueless about how to navigate, he partners with an up-and-coming social media influencer (Chrissy Teigen), whose rise to fame soon eclipses his. 

Key musical number: An angry piano instrumental that underscores a montage of John Legend’s character quietly seething about all of the attention Chrissy Teigen is getting 

6.Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart 

Plot: Cole and Lili are a longtime couple that writes pretentious novels together under a pseudonym. But one day, Lili submits a piece of original fiction to The New Yorker and becomes the talk of the town, leading Cole to question whether he values their professional or romantic relationship more. 

Key musical number: No singing from either of them, but the music of Fleetwood Mac is featured prominently throughout the film. 

7. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine 

Plot: It’s exactly the same as the 2018 A Star is Born 

Key musical number: I just want to hear them sing “Shallow” 

8. Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence 

Plot: Two friends start their own YouTube sketch show and quickly find fame on the internet. There’s no competition or jealousy in this one, because it’s a film about women supporting women. 

Key musical number: No singing in this one. Instead, their sketches are featured throughout the film. 

I’m waiting by the phone, Hollywood. Let’s make these movies happen!