Someone Handed Out 'Not Becky' Pins After the Met Ball

Last night at the Met Gala, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fundraising ball, an attendee was on point with their pop-cultural awareness and a few lucky celebs landed lapel pins that read “NOT BECKY” on them. At an after party, celebrities including Rita Ora and Katy Perry were seen with the little decals.

For those of you not up on all things Beyoncé, the enigmatic Becky was mentioned on the megastar’s visual album Lemonade that came out on April 23 this year. More specifically, Becky is the recipient of Bey’s calling out on the track “Sorry,” where Beyoncé tells the story of a breakup that she actually isn’t sorry about at all. Becky, it would seem, is the woman with whom Beyoncé’s (former?) lover cheated on her.

Upon the release of Lemonade, the Beyhive immediately dove into discussion about who this Becky might be, and came up with several possibilities. Theories about Becky’s real identity include British singer Rita Ora and American fashion designer Rachel Roy. Both celebrities have faced heat following these accusations, but both have denied any involvement in the relationship between Beyoncé and her husband, rapper and mogul Jay-Z.

Katy Perry, Rita Ora and others at the Met Ball were seen with these pins on, seemingly wanting to avoid any of queen Bey’s wrath. And while it was helpful that we can now knock these ladies off the list, the question still remains... who is Becky with the good hair?! Hopefully we won’t have to wait for Beyoncé’s next surprise album to find out.