Simon Cowell Baby Drama Ends in Divorce for Lauren Silverman

No divorce is pretty, but Lauren and Andrew Silverman’s (a NY-based real estate mogul) divorce is set to be an ugly one, and one that’s played out in front of the world’s media. Not only is it reported that Simon Cowell, star of the X Factor and of American Idol, is the father of Lauren’s unborn child, but it’s also been suggested that the pair have been sleeping together since 2011. All the dirty laundry is about to come out – and very little of it is going to remain a secret.


But don’t worry — you won’t have to wait long to hear Simon’s side of the story: even though the rumor mill is turning away happily, the star wants to give his side of the story. He’ll be speaking to British journalist Piers Morgan in a series of “tell all” interviews and attempt to restore his reputation to its former status. This is set to air stateside on CNN – so don’t panic collegiettes, no matter which side of the pond you live on you won’t be missing out on this story.

The interviews will reportedly be conducted after Lauren and Andrew’s divorce is finalized.

But Andrew has his own side in the story and this one’s getting a bit heated. Andrew filed for divorce in New York and has named Simon Cowell in the divorce papers, implicating him in adultery. Ouch.

TMZ is reporting that Simon is pressuring Lauren to settle to make all the bad press go away, but it doesn’t seem as though she’s interested in doing so, as she and Andrew are not seeing eye-to-eye over the custody of their seven year old son. Reports also suggest that the money Lauren will get from the prenup is minimal, so Simon will have to fork up quite a lot for his new baby.

Additionally, it seems that the American Idol star is quietly trying to get his name removed from the divorce papers – as he really doesn’t want to be associated with the adultery claims!

Though if there is any silver lining in this sad story, it’s that it seems as though Simon and Lauren are in love and will be staying together with their new baby. Apparently the 53 year old is very excited about having a child and is hoping to have a girl. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this one, collegiettes!