Shonda Rhimes Regrets Killing Off This Random 'Grey's Anatomy' Character

Throughout Grey's Anatomy's 13 seasons, producer and creator Shonda Rhimes has killed off plenty of beloved characters. After all of the tragic losses, it would be natural for her to have some regrets.

You may remember the episode in Season 2 where a bomb was inside a patient. Not only was this episode ~*insanely*~ stressful, but it was also one of the most memorable since Meredith almost died. According to HelloGiggles, Shonda has some regrets about killing off Dylan, a character from the bomb squad. Remember him? After the bomb left the patient's body, we saw Dylan walk away with it in his hands and then explode. A little melodramatic, but hey, it's Grey's—what do you expect?

Before Kyle Chandler was cast as this character, Shonda was dead set on not changing the script since it literally said, "Dylan explodes." Kyle pitched different ideas for his character, but it kinda made sense for a guy from the bomb squad to be killed by a bomb. Shonda said she felt the character had to die that way. “He was written to explode. But I did not expect to have Kyle Chandler. I didn’t want to explode him," she said.

Years later, Shonda really regrets killing Dylan. But you know what they say: Shoulda, woulda, coulda!

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