Selena Gomez Reveals the 'Friends' Character She's Most Like & I Totally See It

While promoting her upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Selena Gomez answered questions about herself and her friends, letting fans in on a little more about her. In an interview with E! News, Selena was asked which Friends character she was most like. While the interviewer’s question asked only which character she was personally, Selena included her entire friend group, saying, "Courtney would be Monica, I would be Rachel, Raquelle would be Phoebe, you [interviewer Jason Kennedy] would be Ross."

Selena's co-star Andy Samberg, always one to crack a joke, had the perfect answer when asked where he fit in: "I would be when Brad Pitt guest-starred," he said. Selena, however, thought Gunther, the Central Perk barista, was a better choice.

Rachel was Selena’s character of choice for herself, and I think she must have put a lot of thought into this because it seems incredibly spot-on. Rachel was always completely obsessed with fashion, which I’m sure Selena can relate with, having recently started her second Coach collection, something which I can only imagine Rachel would have died for.

Rachel and Selena’s similarities don’t end at clothes, however. If you think about it, their relationship history isn’t that far off either. Rachel most notably dated Ross, her best friend's brother, who she had gone years without having any interest in. Before dating Justin Bieber, SelGo similarly referred to him by saying, “He’s like my little brother.” Both relations also famously imploded, whether it was being replaced by The Weeknd, or because:


Even if you don’t totally see the similarities between Selena and Rachel, you have to admit it’s great to imagine given Selena’s friendship with Jennifer Aniston herself. Selena shared a picture of them together in 2014, explaining her love for Aniston as both a fan and friend.

The friendship is not one-sided either, Jennifer once described Selena to E! News as “a little cherub that I feel like I wanna take care of.” As a fellow Rachel, I’m envious of Selena getting to hang out with her favorite Friends character. But as fans of both Aniston and Gomez, I love this friendship and hope it continues on.