Rolling Stone Analyzes Miley Cyrus' 'We Can't Stop' Video Scene by Scene

It used to be that all Miley Cyrus had to do was throw on a blonde wig to assume her alternate pop princess persona. Wig, Hannah Montana. No wig, Miley. Very simple. Though the transformation seemed to dupe everyone on the popular Disney channel show, we could at least distinguish the line between her reality and performance.

But ever since Miley started sliding down poles at the Teen Choice Awards, smoking salvia bongs on camera, and edging up her look, it’s become more of a challenge to figure out who the real Miley Cyrus is. Miley’s controversial video for her hit single “We Can’t Stop” has already been viral for a few weeks, but people can’t stop watching it – and trying to figure out what is even happening in it. Between gyrating, sticking out her tongue, and sporting Ryan Lochte-esque gold grills, we’re at a loss at what Miley is trying to communicate (or if this is even the “real” Miley.)

Rolling Stone spoke with the video’s director Diane Martel, who also oversaw the equally provocative video for Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” to try and make some sense of the bizarre clip. “We wanted the video to be full of blog-worthy moments, but it ended up being about Miley sharing herself with the audience in a crazed way,” Martel explains. In the interview, she goes through ten of the most questionable scenes and images from the video and explains the meaning behind them, such as the French-fry skill and the giant teddy bears.

Does the video make any more sense to us after Martel’s insight? A little, maybe. Do we understand Miley Cyrus any better now? No, no we do not. 


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