Remember When Hailey Baldwin Was Team Jelena & Would Fangirl Over Bieber? LOL

Be careful what you tweet...

Hailey Baldwin's old posts have come out of the woodwork and they're honestly hilarious. The now fiancee to Justin Bieber used to be obsessed with Jelena—and Bieber in general—and had no problem vocalizing her feelings on Twitter. All I can say is LOL, to be honest.

There are tons of tweets to the pop star from Hailey circa 2011 and beyond. I will just leave a few here for you to see. We will start with one where she was stoked to see him IRL and let him know later.

Or that time when she hyped him up after his SNL performance.

And my personal fave, her Happy Thanksgiving wishes post-Today Show.

Now onto those Jelena tweets. It is so crazy how the future pans out sometimes, let me tell ya. Lets just cut to the chase, because this tweet speaks for itself.


2011 was a different time!

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That's not all though.

The best part of this one is her evident crush on the Biebs, though she still loves Jelena. Hailey, if only the past you could see whats happening now. Forever alone? Please.

Though its totally hilarious to see this, she might be onto something. BRB, tweeting about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra and how I wish I had a man. I mean, it's worth a shot, am I right ladies?