Reese Witherspoon Arrested!

The Legally Blonde star had a run-in with the police on Friday morning because of her erratic driving, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Reese and her husband had been driving home from a night of drinking when police spotted them in the wee hours of Friday. TMZ reported that Reese got dramatic and shouted, "Do you know my name?"

Clearly, the police didn't care that she's a movie star and arrested both her and her husband, Jim Toth, who was behind the wheel of his silver Ford Fusion. Police were in the process of cuffing a drunk Jim when Reese couldn't sit still and kept getting out of the car and screaming.

According to TMZ, Reese reacted with impatience on how long the police were taking to arrest her man, and she's been charged with disorderly conduct. Variety reported that the lovebirds were released from jail later that morning. 

UPDATE: According to CBS News and other outlets, Reese Witherspoon apologized for her actions and says she's "deeply embarrassed."