Prince William and Kate Middleton are Pregnant!

It's the moment we've all been waiting for since we first saw Kate walk down the aisle toward Prince William. It's the most exciting news to come out of the royal family since Kate won in the topless photo scandal case, and a lot more romantic. It's been rumored for months, but this time, it's finally true: Prince William and Kate Middleton are pregnant!

Kate is about 12 weeks along, and the news was confirmed through an official announcement from St. James Palace this morning, the BBC reports. But don't expect a daily update from the palace: their pregnancy will likely be a highly private one, E! Online suspects. That's okay, though, we're content to watch Kate's baby bump from a far!

But not everything is fairytale perfect in the royal household: the announcement this morning was accompanied by the news that Kate has been hospitalized due to morning sickness, USA Today reports. Poor Kate! But despite her tummy troubles, Kate and Will are said to be delighted with the pregnancy, as is the entire world.

But the royal baby-to-be does mean a shake up in the royal line of succession. Due to some new changes to royal hierarchy laws, boys no longer take precedence over girls - so even if they have a girl, she'll be Queen someday! Which, of course, means Princess Beatrice (and her hat) get bumped out of their 5th place spot in line for the throne!

Congrats, Will and Kate! We're all so excited for you! Well, everyone, that is, except Suri Cruise.


Photo Source: BBC