Pretty Little Liars Recap, S2, E9

This episode started off really steamy with Ezra and Aria kissing and bed. Suddenly, she wakes up and it was all just a sexy dream, except its Jason is in her bed! WHAT? Nope, just kidding, it’s still all a dream, even the Jason part. What a tease! Emily, Spencer and Hannah are back in the candy striper outfits and creeping around the hospital morgue. Spencer checks the file cabinets again, but they still can’t find page five of Ali’s corner’s report. Jenna walks in the hospital and talking with a nurse about a surgery she’s going to be having.  

Emily is throwing away all of the creams she owns for fear that there are steroids in all of them. She can’t eat, for fear of what A is going to do to her next.

At school, Jason is counseling kids on substance abuse, and Emily notices Aria blushing. Aria confesses that she’s been having dreams about Jason. Emily warns her to stay away from him.

Isabelle wants Hannah to be a bridesmaid, but Hannah doesn’t want to, because it would be too weird. Her mom tells her that she needs to call her Dad still. Spencer finds out from Toby that Jenna is getting a prosthetic cornea transplant to help her see again. The girls are worried that she’ll become more creepy and dangerous once she can see again. As Hannah argues, now she can aim a gun. Spencer goes to the Jason’s house and sees him chopping down trees he tells the landscaper not to go into the shed. She seems him hiding the key on top of the shed. Spencer is undoubtedly the nosiest of the PLLs.

Ashley’s mom invites Emily and Sumara to have their friends over at their house. She tells Emily that she wants to be comfortable being herself. Aria goes to Ezra’s office at Hollis and basically jumps his bones. Whoa, can you say sexual frustration?! Finally! Ezraria stops being boring as hell. Suddenly PLL turns a little R rated. Spencer tells Hannah that she thinks Jason’s hiding something. Hannah hangs up when she sees Caleb talking to the same stranger that was following him last episode. As we predicted, the stranger is a private investigator sent by Caleb’s mom to find him.

Emily and her friends are playing poker at the Marin house, when A texts her and tells her to give Sumara friend Zoey, her phone number, or else she would make Emily’s tainted lab test viral. Emily tells aria that she thinks someone is watching them. Um, hasn’t someone been watching you guys this whole time? Is that the point of the show? Anyway, as  Sumara and her friends are leaving, Emily panics and gives Zoey her number and Sumara’s friend Quinn sees and gives Emily the deadliest side-eye.

Aria has another sexy dream featuring both Ezra and Jason. Hannah and Caleb look up his mom. She’s rich and has a family and Caleb is upset because he feels neglected. He leaves Hannah’s house in a huff.  Emily is avoiding Sumara’s calls because she can’t explain A to Sumara. Mike is staying home from school and is still not talking to anybody. Mr. Montgomery thinks he’s acting like his brother Scott, who we assume is dead and had some sort of drug problem.

Sumara confronts Emily, and Emily fails at defending herself, so Sumara doesn’t want to see her anymore. Hannah finds Caleb on a swing set pondering if he should get in contact with his mom or not. Hannah encourages him to talk to her. Spencer tries desperately to get her mom  out the door, so she and Emily can go see what Jason is hiding in his shed.  They break into the shed and find a darkroom for developing photos. Except they’re all photos of Aria sleeping. What a creeper! It’s like some sort of stalker shrine to her. They also find surveillance equipment. They hear Jason coming so they run out and drop the flashlights in the shed. Jason goes in there, turns on the light and sees the flashlight on the floor. He looks pretty pissed.

Caleb goes over to Hannah’s house and tells Hannah that he’s leaving for California that night. He promises to come back, but it’s clear that Hannah has doubts.. They kiss and tell each other that they love each other in probably the tenderest moment of the series thus far.

Jason sees Aria walking alone at night and comes up to her. Damn, Rosewood must be really, really safe! Jason confesses his love and kisses Aria. She tells him she’s not single and runs away. Garrett and Jenna spy on them. Jenna is worried that Jason will remember something from “that night.” Hannah calls her dad and agrees to be Isabelle’s bridesmaid. When Spencer goes back to the shed with Emily to get the photos to show to Aria, but the key is gone.

The gloved figure is developing photos in the darkroom, and we see a photo of Emily and Spencer creeping around Jason’s property.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week! PLL fans, what was your favorite part of last night’s episode?