Peter From 'The Bachelorette' Is Already Posting Sponsored Content on His Instagram

If you're a fan of the Bachelor franchise and a lover of social media, then you know there comes a time when popular contestants fall victim to sponsored posts. *shudders* Take Peter Kraus for example. It seems he's jumped the gun on Instagram posts of a lucrative nature.

Peter, one of the three men left on Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorettehas caused quite a stir with his reluctance to propose to Rachel (Boy, wyd? Isn't that the point of going on the show?), so his eagerness to do a sponsored post for FabFitFun (with his own unique promo code!) is leaving fans ticked off. 

His Instagram post includes two photos, one of which shows him hanging out with his coworker, Meg. In the caption, he writes, "Grabbed a @fabfitfun summer box for my coworker @megzsmith27 when I found out she broke her leg last week in the Chicago Half #fabfitfunpartner has its perks, check out and use 'PETER' for $10 off! Sorry Meg, I swiped the Juice Beauty Eye Concentrate. Gotta cover up these aging eyes lol."

Fans, feeling betrayed by the post, were quick to make their feelings known in the comments section, where some people even went so far as to say they were going to unfollow Peter.

One user wrote, "Oh Peter....I love you but you're so much better than advertising FFF. I hope all your posts don't become ads like the rest of Bachelor(ette) family cast members. It's just utterly annoying."

Many others felt the same way:


"Oh no, you're on the bandwagon of Bachelor cast members promoting products they wouldn't use if not getting paid."

"Damn he starting with the promoting already lol usually they wait till season done."

"Next is detox tea and hair gummies."

"Well here are the ads I knew he was only in this for the fame."

"Oh no not you too! At least find some original franchise to get behind. These are for women. If you start selling flat tummy tea I'm gone."

I guess you've got to get your side hustle on somehow. While Peter is free to do what he pleases with his Instagram, the least he could've done was wait until his season was over.

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