New Taylor Swift Music is Here & It’s Everything I Needed & More

We made it, kids! The TS7 era is here. After the most dramatic of build-ups like, ever, Taylor Swift finally gave us what we’ve all been desperately searching for since she posted a photo of five holes in a fence in the form of her first music video of the TS7 era, featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco.

Am I sitting down? Because this collab is what my every dream is made of, and I'm definitely panicking rn! Panic performed in Boston the day before Taylor’s reputation Stadium Tour's first day at Gillette Stadium, and I was 1000% convinced that he was going to come out as the special guest. My devastation was palpable to those around me when he did not, and this feels like sweet, sweet vindication – chances are so good that they’ll perform together in the coming album cycle, and I. Will. Die, you guys. I’ll die, dead.

The speculation has swirled in a thousand directions since the countdown began on April 13, but the most logical theory was that the culmination would be, at minimum, a new song dropping at midnight on Friday, April 26. Taylor officially confirmed it on Thursday, April 25, and continued to tease us all day, feeding us breadcrumbs through Instagram stories, an appearance at a mural she commissioned for the occasion, an interview with Robin Roberts of GMA and a YouTube comment Q&A sesh. She revealed that the song would be accompanied by a video, and that it contained a secret she’d been keeping for months. It's unconfirmed at this point, but it's a safe bet that the kitten Brendon presents to her is the newest addition to her family (excuse me, Taylor? You can't drop this kind of news without sharing the name!).

Meanwhile, ME! is the newest addition to my happy jams catalogue, as well as my #confirmed summer anthem. Every single thing about this single is infectious, from the synchronized dance moves to the mesmerizing color scheme to its self-empowering purpose, and it was the biggest mood boost after a tough week. 

The video begins with a pale pink snake slithering down a rainbow brick road before striking at the camera, splitting into a swarm of butterflies, a big motif featured on her Instagram feed as of late - perhaps symbolizing metamorphosis? They lead us to Taylor and Brendon, in the midst of a fight. Taylor storms out, contemplating her faults, but they're all a part of who she is and that's something she's proud of.

Brendon chases after her, singing, "I never want to see you walk away, 'cause one of these things is not like the others, livin’ in winter, I am your summer." Remembering that the mistakes we make are a key part of who we are is something we all probably need to learn to do a little better. No matter where you've been or what you've done or said, you're the only you. And baby? That's the fun of you!