Would You Sacrifice Sex For Netflix? This Percentage Of Americans Say They Would

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and Netflix-and-Chilling is probably part of the evening's plan for a lot of couples!

Netflix is a major part of many millennials and Gen-Zers’ lives these days, and a new study from analysts at HighSpeedInternet.com sheds light on just how significant the streaming service has become.

The study highlighted the role Netflix plays in relationship habits and personal lives. After surveying hundreds of people, they found some interesting results...

  • When asked if they’d rather give up sex or streaming TV for a year, a whopping 30% chose to give up sex
  • One third of people say they’ve used an ex’s Netflix password
  • Almost one in ten surveyed admitted to dating someone just for their Netflix subscription
  • More than 50% say they’ve “Netflix cheated” on their partner

GiphyWhat?! This shocking study is a fascinating reminder of how large the role of streaming TV plays in our lives. While traditional traits such as honesty and a good sense of humor are sought after in a person, more people also expect their partners be their Netflix buddy too. Whether you’re spending this upcoming V-day with a special someone or solo, cozying up with some chocolate to watch a classic movie or new show sounds like the perfect date!

You can check out HighSpeedInternet.com’s full report for more fun facts about Americans’ streaming TV habits here.