Mindy Kaling's Best Friend Just Gave Her a Hilarious Gift Years in the Making

The most wonderful time of the year also comes with a lot of stress as you try to find the perfect gift for everyone in your life. But Mindy Kaling and her BFF Sonia Kharkar prove that funny gifts with a practical twist might just be the key.

Yesterday, Mindy posted on her Instagram about the “funniest gift” she’s ever gotten. And we agree. The post reads, “For years @soniakharkar has been taking photos of me when I’m eating and I would always ask her why the hell she was doing that. Yesterday she gave me these six dessert plates printed with photos of me shoving food in my face.”

According to HelloGiggles, Sonia is one of Mindy’s closest friends and colleagues. Sonia started out as Mindy’s assistant for The Mindy Project but soon became her writing assistant. Sonia has obviously been busy doing some other work in preparation for possibly one of the greatest Christmas gifts imaginable.

Now excuse us while we rush to find the perfect customizable gift for our own BFFs.