Meghan Markle Sounds Like She Has A Slight British Accent Now & I Can Totally Hear It

Meghan Markle has sure acquired a lot of new things, from a new husband, a new home, a new title, and now it sounds like she may have a new accent.

A Twitter video of Markle greeting the public during her June visit to Cheshire with the Queen has since gone viral, and people are noticing a slight British accent.

While Markle doesn’t say much in the video, there is definitely something different in the way she talks, especially when she says “Oh, did you?” and “Thank you.” It might not be a completely different accent, but perhaps a change in the inflection, as if the new Duchess has adopted more of an English person’s cadence.

See if you can hear the subtle difference in the video below, especially when she says “Yes we all had a great day, I think” and “The sun was shining for us ― oh, very lucky all around.”

According to The Huffington Post, this isn’t the first time that Markle’s speech habits have been scrutinized. During her appearance in Edinburgh in February, a fan thought Markle’s accent had changed when the Duchess said “scone” like the British typically do, which is pronounced like “gone.” Americans, on the other hand, pronounce it more like “bone.”

But considering that she has moved to a new country and is surrounded by British people all day, it’s not surprising that Markle would pick up more of a British lilt.

“Meghan Markle strikes me as someone who is very attentive and someone who has a lot of empathy for others,” voice, speech and dialect coach Patricia Fletcher told HuffPost when explaining why someone in Markle’s shoes might pick up on the speech patterns of those around her.

“If she also has a good ear for music, rhythm and inflection and is now surrounded by British English speakers (especially people she loves) it would not surprise me if her sounds might adjust a bit―perhaps even unconsciously,” Fletcher added.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go practice my British accent for the rest of the day.