Meet Your LL Bean Boyfriend!

Tumblr is amazing for so many reasons, giving us our daily dose of GIFs and introducing us to the thousands of variations on the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling meme. But there's a new reason to love tumblr this morning, and it's giving Ryan Gosling a run for his money. We're here to introduce you to Your LL Bean Boyfriend!

"He will build you a table and then have sex with you on it," the short introduction reads. "Doesn't get much hotter than that." If you've been looking to get your daily fill of New England men covered in scruff and decked out in thick sweaters and plaid, look no further.

The site has gone viral, and it's no wonder why. Sebastian just wants to lay in the hammock with you, Marty can't wait for a weekend away in Vermont, and Thomas' idea of a perfect day is strolling through the woods drinking hot chocolate with you. Author Liz Pride has given each of the male models their own persona, and this is your excuse to get to know each personality as you browse endlessly through the site.

Have a great finals week, collegiettes! ;)