McKayla Maroney's Racy Instagram Video Wasn't the Result of Hacking

An Instagram video of former Olympian McKayla Maroney posing in a thong left the world thinking she'd been hacked Sunday, Cosmopolitan reports. 


another world premiere

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After the comments section of the post blew up with both positive and negative reactions, McKayla shared another photo to clarify that she did intend to post the video. "I didn't get hacked. Unfollow if [you] need to. All love," she wrote.

Maroney also expressed her feelings about the reactions to her video on Twitter and let the haters know she's “just doing me.” She gives no f*cks—literally.

While we may remember McKayla as a teenage gymnast, she's 21 years old now. What she posts on social media is totally up to her. She's just trying to live and isn’t worried about the backlash. Haters gonna hate, right?