Louis C.K. Has Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 5 Women

There have been rumors floating around for years about comedian Louis C.K. masturbating in front of associates, according to The New York TimesNow, five of his victims have come forward to tell the Times their disturbing stories firsthand in an effort to bring them to light after over a decade of silence.

With allegations of sexual misconduct arising about Harvey WeinsteinEd Westwick and Kevin Spacey, many have been wondering who would be next—but fans probably weren't expecting Louis C.K., as he is often considered a feminist who has helped the careers of female comedians. Sadly, all of his accusers are comediennes. 

Comedy duo Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov said they were invited to hang out in C.K.'s hotel room after performing at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in 2002. “He proceeded to take all of his clothes off, and get completely naked, and started masturbating," Goodman told the Times.

Rebecca Corry, a comedian and writer who was working on a TV pilot with C.K. in 2005, had a similar story. "He asked if we could go to my dressing room so he could masturbate in front of me,” she said. Courteney Cox was an executive producer of the show and confirmed the incident.

“I felt very ashamed,” comedy writer Abby Schachner told the Times, describing how C.K. masturbated while on the phone with her in 2003. 

Goodman and Wolov were shamed and isolated from the Hollywood community when they started telling others about their encounter with C.K. Schachner claimed she received a personal apology from C.K. in 2009, but her career was scarred by the incident forever. Corry said she received an apology as well, but C.K. said, “I used to misread people back then,” according to her, implying that she might've done something to trigger the incident. C.K.'s recollection of these events and his approach to apologizing are additional causes for concern.

Tig Notaro, who once produced the Amazon series One Mississippi with C.K, said in an email to the Times, “Sadly, I’ve come to learn that Louis C.K.’s victims are not only real, but many are actual friends of mine within the comedy community.”

The premiere of C.K.'s latest movie, I Love You, Daddy, and an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert were canceled ahead of the New York Times article's release. C.K. has yet to comment, though.