Laverne Cox Channeling Her Inner Beyoncé is Everything

We already knew that Laverne Cox is one of the fiercest ladies in Hollywood, but you absolutely need to watch this new video from Nylon magazine, where the 31-year-old actress flaunts her best dance moves. In the video, Laverne is asked to act out three dances based on 3 different scenarios. While her interpretations of "High School Dance" and "Picking Up Someone at the Club" are super accurate, her best dance moves are showcased during the final challenge—"Her Best Beyoncé." From the hair flips to the hip shakes, Laverne's moves are completely on point. 

Owning up to her love for Queen Bey, Laverne tweeted, "This might make me look like a bit of a @Beyonce stan. I accept that characterization #cakebythepound"

Keep on slaying, Laverne.