Kylie Jenner Opened Up About Her Pregnancy & Life With Stormi During Twitter Q&A

After taking a complete social media break while awaiting the birth of her daughter, Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner has finally opened up about her pregnancy with a surprise Twitter Q&A which took place on Sunday night.

Kylie had wanted to keep her pregnancy private, as preparing for the “role of a lifetime” of being a mother was something that she wanted to keep positive, stress-free, and out of the public eye. After describing her pregnancy as a “beautiful, empowering and life-changing experience” on Instagram in early February, she decided to answer some questions fans had been dying to know about Stormi, her experiences while pregnant, Mama Kris' reaction, and which sister she told first!

Here are a few highlights:

Q: What was mama Kris' reaction when you told her you were pregnant?

Q: Were you afraid of giving birth? I'm just a year older than you and this is my number 1 fear about having a baby.

Q: What was your number one craving when you were pregnant?

Q: What's your favorite feature of Stormi?

Q: Which sister did you tell first that you were pregnant?

Kylie also shared a heartwarming picture of Stormi and her grandmother on Instagram yesterday. "I mean... does it get any better than this?" she captioned the photo.


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It seems that Kylie’s return to social media is going strong, and so we can definitely look forward to more intimate pictures of her and Stormi—gimme gimme!

Header Image : Kylie Jenner / Instagram