Jordan Rodgers' Ex Accuses Him of Cheating & She's Got Proof

Jordan Rodgers might have been hoping to put all his Bachelorette drama behind him, but his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, is not letting him off that easy.

When JoJo's season of The Bachelorette first began airing, Farrar blasted Rodgers on Instagram for claiming that his career was the reason they broke up. Farrar also shared that infidelity was the real cause of their relationship's end. But Rodgers has stated in multiple publications that the cheating allegations are untrue.

Not one to have her character questioned, Farrar returned to Instagram last night to spill all the tea and prove she has actual receipts.  

In the first half of her detailed post, Farrar wrote, “Unlike Jordan, I’m not going to sell stories to magazines. Instead I’m posting right here. Because to me truth is not about fame—I don’t want it. And it’s not about money—I can afford to leave some chia behind. All I want is the same thing that anyone else who’s been wronged would want: the chance to share the truth.”

Her caption reads: “After our breakup, I was surprised to find out what a prolific liar and cheater #JordanRodgers was during our entire 3 1/2 year-relationship. But what has surprised me even more is how he has carelessly bashed and lied about me in public. I guess he thought I wouldn't stand up for myself. #HeWasWrong"

In the second post, which features more specific information, Farrar attached pictures of a receipt for roses she claims Rodgers bought for another girl while he and Farrar were still together. There are even texts from Rodgers, who was clearly desperate to win her back after their breakup.


(2/2) The Original Rose: The receipt for a giant bouquet of roses Jordan bought for the girl he cheated on me with in Louisiana. (The first of many I would later find out about). He met her while shooting Pitch Perfect 2 (he was deep in the background pretending to be one of the Green Bay Packers- the closest he’s ever been to making an NFL team). And for the devil’s advocate I’ve included screenshots of texts with dates to show we were a couple when he bought his favorite Bella some very special roses And also one of the many, many texts he sent after we broke up. Jordan, you dragged our relationship into the spotlight, and then challenged my honesty and character. If you weren't ready to be truthful about your life then you shouldn't have gone on a reality show. And if you don't like having your integrity questioned, you shouldn't have lied about someone who's parents always taught her to stand up for herself. #FromYourFavoriteFootballPlayer('s brother) #ExpensiveBouquet #NowIKnowWhyYouNeverHelpedWithRent #NotHisFaultCutFromPracticeSquads #DrivingHisBrothersTruck #GoodThingTheRingWasFree #NeilLane #TheBachelorette #FameGoalsAcheived #YourChoiceIfThisIsMyLastPost #IveGotLotsMoreProof #DontCoverMyPeepholeAgain

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We'll have to wait and see if Rodgers decides to respond to these comments or if he'll keep the focus on his new life with fiancée JoJo Fletcher instead.