J.K. Rowling Wants People to Stop Tweeting About Her Death

J.K. Rowling’s Twitter account is made even better by her witty responses to internet trolls, but this is a new kind of trolling. A fan recently tweeted about the popular wordsmith’s death, and as one might expect, Rowling was a little taken aback by the post.

The tweet in question contains a meme that details how fans will likely react when Rowling dies. In true J.K. Rowling fashion, she responded with genuine concern that people were planning for her death.

According to The Telegraph, a fan added fuel to the fire by predicting that the tweet will “blow up” when Rowling does eventually pass away. The author shut it down from there.

Although there may be some truth in the tweet, it would be a little weird for anyone to hear people talking about reactions to their death when they are clearly alive and well.

So if you're participating in this, please stop.