The Internet Can't Stop Making Fun of What Bella Hadid Said About Sneakers

Bella Hadid appeared in a video for Complex magazine, and the interview was anything but fetch. The supermodel went sneaker shopping for the latest episode of a recurring Complex series, Cosmopolitan reports. She talked her Nike Cortez campaign, her extensive shoe collection, and…homeboys?

To summarize, Bella called just about everything "dope" or "fresh," and pretty much sounded like a middle-aged mother trying to sound cool to her teenage kids. 

"For me, I feel like girls look so sexy in tennis shoes. I think it's the dopest thing you could wear," the model said. "Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at, so if you're going to have a dope shoe both guys and girls can wear, I mean, come on, matching shoes? That's dope."

Bella was then asked about her sneaker turn-offs, and she pointed out specific styles that pique her interest. "If homeboy's coming through with these, it's quiet for him, but if he comes through with these…" She pointed to a Nike Air Max on the wall, "Homeboy's going to, like, get it." Is that a good thing?

Without meaning to, Bella created a new catchphrase, and the internet had a field day in her Twitter mentions.

Many users found the interview to be humorous, but what some saw as awkward, others saw as controversial. 

From "undercover cop" to "culture vulture," the responses were overwhelmingly negative. One thing Twitter could agree on is that the interview was cringe-worthy. 

But that didn't stop people from stealing the supposed sneakerhead's lingo.

Sorry, Bella, but it looks like your footwear opinions aren't as "dope" as your fashion sense.