'Humans of New York' Will Have Its Own Facebook TV Show

Whether or not you know his name, Brandon Stanton has introduced you to hundreds of people around the world. Working as the creator and photographer of “Humans of New York,” Stanton has curated a Facebook page of New Yorkers sharing revelations or stories about their lives. Now with over 17 million likes, the page has also been immortalized in the form of a book written by Stanton. Just when I thought he had all his bases covered, Stanton has now announced that he will produce a HONY TV show for Facebook Watch, the site’s new television platform, HelloGiggles says.

“I’m often deeply moved by the people I meet,” Stanton said. “Or they made me laugh. Or they made me think. And I always do my best to recreate the experience through photos and words. But I always knew that video would provide the closest thing to ‘actually being there.’”

Stanton revealed that his cinematographer Michael Crommet has been filming the HONY interviews over the past four years. He purposely avoided sharing them beforehand because he knew he wanted to use them in a full video project.

“I’ve filmed 1200 interviews on the streets of New York,” Stanton said in his official Facebook announcement. “My goal was not to make a television show based on Humans of New York. I wanted the television to *be* Humans of New York. I think I came pretty close. And I think/hope you will love it.”

The series will premiere this week on Facebook Watch. You can check out the show’s trailer below.