Hilarie Burton Is Not Here for a 'One Tree Hill' Reboot

For all the One Tree Hill fans out there, we know Hilarie Burton as Peyton Sawyer. But she's moved on from that role and is not willing to return to it.

In an interview with Refinery29Burton talks about her new movie, Growing Up Smith, and makes it clear that her One Tree Hill days are over. Asked if there's a chance for a One Tree Hill reboot, she says, "No, I'm on the Lethal Weapon reboot right now! I'm shooting guns, man! I don't need to go back to kissing and crying!"

As much as we'd love a reunion, it's just not in the cards. "I think we're all in such a different place, it wouldn't be something that I would be into," Burton says. "That said, I would love to work with my cast mates on other things. Like, I would love to do one of my Christmas Hallmark movies with Chad [Michael Murray]. Or, I would love to do a kick-ass girl project with Sophia [Bush]."

Burton is actually already working with OTH costar Daniella Alonsa—who played Anna in Season 2—on Lethal Weapon, so her collab ideas are not so far-fetched.

"Peyton's story got the correct ending. And whenever you extend it, what happens is they have to tear it apart to put it back together again. And I just wasn't into it…"

I guess you just can't stay in Tree Hill forever. All we can hope for is a reunion of some sort. Sophia, if you're reading this, that girl project sounds awesome!