This Guy is Selling A Book of Emily Ratajkowski's Nude Photos Without Her Permission

Emily Ratajkowski is featured in a new book of nude photos by photographer Jonathan Leder, and she is none too pleased about it. The book, titled Leder/Ratajkowski, showcases 71 nude pictures of the actress, which are being published without her permission. The photos will also be displayed at Chelsea’s Castor Gallery in February.

The photos were taken in 2012, before Ratajkowski starred in Gone Girl, and were originally for an "artful magazine shoot," according to Cosmopolitan. While Ratajkowski didn’t claim she would pursue any legal action, she did tweet out her thoughts on the new publication. 

This isn't the first time Ratajkowski has spoken out about women's sexuality and rights over their own bodies. She posed nude with Kim Kardashian West after critics chastised West's infamous nude selfie. Ratajkowski also wrote an essay on what sexy means to her for Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter. 

"Art" should never used as an excuse to monetize women's sexuality, especially when this is very type of injustice Ratajkowski has committed her voice to ending.