Grey’s Anatomy: Tom Koracick Deserves Better

Remember the good old days when Tom Koracick was nothing more than an ill-conceived foil, exuding his boorish personality left and right? When he just needed to grow the hell up, but we never expected that he would? Then, he revealed the loss of his son, helped April through her crisis of faith, saved Amelia’s life, and, finally, became Teddy’s absolute dream of a boyfriend. Koracick grew up indeed, and a large piece of my heart was split away from the rest and reserved solely for him.

That piece is bleeding.

Koracick did everything right by Teddy! He fed her fries and rubbed her feet!! He found her a home! He was ready to love that baby forever!

But while he was building her a crib, Teddy went off and confessed her undying love to Owen just prior to birthing their child! Who does that?!

In this week's season 16 premier of Grey's Anatomy, Koracick claims that when he couldn't get in touch with Teddy his “spidey sense told him that she was in labor, at minimum." He seems to be feigning excitement when he shows up in her hospital room, hands raised and grin stretched just a little too widely as he croons, “Oh, you had the baby!” Does he already know that she's crushing her heart between her bony little fingers? Did he show up hoping to be wrong?

When he turns his attention to Leo, sitting in Teddy's arms, she starts to cry. Excuse me, am I supposed to feel sorry for her? Because there are exactly zero parts of me that do. Is she feeling guilty over what she's doing to Koracick? Is she acutely aware of what she’s giving up to go after Borwen (Boring Owen)? Is she already regretting the rest of her life?

We may never know for sure if it was Koracick's spidy sense or if Teddy's tears clued him in for sure, but with his attention on Leo, he says, “So tell me, did she get back together with your daddy? Did he ride in on a white horse and make all the right promises?” He sure didn’t, but I am living for this savage callout; it's the only thing that brought even the most miniscule amount of joy to me regarding this situation, until Teddy tried to tell Tom how wonderful of a many he is and he cut her off. “I’m funny and I’m smart, and I’m kind when I want to be and I’m generous with my money and with my tongue in bed. So you will regret this decision,” he tells her. 

How I wish that that had been his mic drop, but no. He has to admit his undying love, too. "When you do, I’ll still be here. Because I’m in love with you, and I know this thing with Owen isn’t going to last. In the meantime we are friends, okay?”

No! Not okay!! Because now I'm sitting here counting down the days until Teddy and Owen implode again because I can't get the couple of the last season out of my head, yet I know better! Koracick doesn't deserve this! He shouldn't be sitting around hoping to be Teddy's second choice! I shouldn't be sitting here hoping for him to get back with someone who is only going to hurt him! 

Sigh. This all could have been avoided if Owen had moved to Switzerland instead.