Get Out! JoJo Just Released 3 Brand New Singles

Our inner middle schooler is currently freaking out. In huge music news, JoJo just released three amazing new singlescompletely out of nowhere! 

The artist who gave us the iconic "Leave (Get Out)" and "Too Little, Too Late" is making a comeback after nine years away from the spotlight. She's calling it a "tringle," and we are so into it. The songs, "When Love Hurts," "Save My Soul" and "Say Love" all showcase her incredible vocal talent and prove that she's still got it. You can listen to them now on her website!

We suggest you stop whatever you're doing, turn your volume up and give these songs a listen. "When Love Hurts" (our personal favorite) will make you want to get up and dance, "Save My Soul" is reminiscent of "Too Little, Too Late" and "Say Love" will have you singing along in no time. JoJo is back, and we can't wait to see what she does next.