Ezra Fitz Might Be Uber A After All

Of all the crazy Pretty Little Liars theories we've heard, Ian Harding's just might be the craziest. Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz on the show, told The Hollywood Reporter all about his ideas for plot twists which would make even A proud.

Ian would love for the final scenes of the series to reveal that the entire thing has been nothing more than a dream. Viewers would then see an elderly Ezra and Aria done up in prosthetic makeup, surrounded by their children. Touching.

Ian's second idea is much worse. “Maybe something horrible happens and we don’t know what happens to the girls, like they all drive off a cliff. And then the camera pans out and I’m laughing maniacally,” he says.

Only furthering our suspicion that we still can't trust Mr. Fitz, he adds, "I think it would be fun if we found out Ezra was behind it the whole time." 

We may not know who Uber A is yet, but we do know nobody should leave Ian Harding in charge of the PLL ending.