Emma Watson FaceTimed This Fan to Encourage Her to Study, & I'm So Jealous

It's official. Emma Watson is absolutely one of the sweetest and most inspiring celebs out there. 

A lucky fan who was stuck at home studying for a biology exam got a sweet surprise via FaceTime last week. While Therese Kiara's mom was standing in line, she spotted Watson behind her and began FaceTiming Therese. Her mom then asked Emma if she would say hi, which she enthusiastically agreed to. 

"Sure!" Watson said to the camera. "Hi! Study hard!" 

Therese documented the interaction on Facebook, clearly excited about the sweet gesture. "Perfect motivation to study," she ended the post.

It's pretty awesome that Emma took the time to say hello to a fan over FaceTime, considering that she no longer wants to take selfies with fans in order to protect her privacy, as Refinery29 reported. We'd like to think that Watson's inner Hermione Granger was itching to encourage learning and studying in a young fan. Emma is a strong advocate for women's rights and education, so we're not surprised! 

Ugh, as if we needed another reason to love her. Can she give us a call before finals? 

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