Drew Barrymore's Daughter Loses It Every Time She Goes to Disney World, & TBH, Same

Moms can be so uncool sometimes. Five-year-old Olive Kopelman got her first taste of that when mom Drew Barrymore posed next to her in Disney World while she was stretched out on the ground, most likely screeching, “I just can’t even.”

Disney World is amazing. And sure, it’s the happiest place on earth, as they say. But everyone knows that feeling of desperation when, after waiting in line for hours, in what feels like 1,000 degree weather, you’re just over it.

Drew shared stories of her most recent trips to Disney World with her kids, Olive and Frankie, on Thursday's episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers.

“If you've ever taken your kid to Disneyland or Disney World, it all ends at some point in mayhem,” says Barrymore. 

This wasn't Olive's first meltdown, as her mom brought photographic evidence of a previous tantrum at Disneyland, too.

Ugh, to be five and dressed up in a princess dress on an all-expense-paid vacay again.