Did We Just Get a Sneak Peek at Adele's Newest Song?

No this is NOT a drill—Adele is FINALLY releasing new music! It's been four years since the artist's last album, 21, and fans have been waiting patiently for a preview of her next big hit... and it looks like that's just what we've gotten.

Adele hasn't released a single since 2012's Skyfall, making this new snippet of the song a major deal. During Sunday's episode of X Factor in the UK, Adele gave us a preview of her upcoming song in the form of a 30-second lyric video. Of course, Twitter freaked out and fans everywhere are wondering when her next album 25 will drop. While her record label has yet to confirm a release date, rumors have been flying around that it could be as soon as this November. Either way, we all know it will be worth the wait. Get ready for an album full of soulful tunes about relationships that you'll be listening to on repeat for weeks on end. Until then, the teaser video will have to do.

Peace. Love. Adele.