Dean Has Become the Most Unlikable Person on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Let’s call Bachelor in Paradise what it is: a show for the least remembered and/or liked Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants to put their faces back out there in an attempt to garner some measure of fame and attention. Occasionally love happens in the midst of this madness (Carly and Evan! Jade and Tanner!), but a whole lot of crap goes down, too.

For every 10 contestants you barely recognize from whatever season they were on, there’s one you absolutely love. You thought they were too good for Paradise, but here they are. One such Paradise participant is Dean. We met Dean during Rachel’s season; his baby face and miserable family situation won us over, and we were all ready to make him the Bachelor. But if BIP has shown us anything, it’s that Dean is a hot mess unfit for reality TV or a relationship.

Dean paired off with another fan favorite, Kristina from Nick’s season, right out of the gate. When the show was forced to shut down production, Dean went to Kentucky with Kristina. And when they returned to filming—something Dean might not have thought would happen when he made the decision to go home with Kristina—they seemed pretty solid.

Enter Danielle Lombard (aka D-Lo), another contestant from Nick’s season. Every man was interested in her from the moment she stepped on the beach. Why? Because she’s “hot.” Granted, she is hot, and there's nothing wrong with being hot, but isn’t everyone in this franchise hot?

Dean set his sights on D-Lo, but rather than ending things with Kristina, he continued to reassure her of their relationship, all while flirting, kissing and going on a date with Danielle. This is not unusual on Bachelor in Paradise, but it’s been festering for weeks, and I’ve had enough.

Dean thinks it’s okay to keep Kristina on the hook because he’s been open about wanting to explore his connection with Danielle. But one second he’s telling Kristina how intriguing and smart she is, and that she’s getting his rose; the next he’s telling D-Lo she’s the kind of woman he could fall in love with.

He’s made clear that he’s mostly interested in Danielle because she’s hot. He’s admitted that he worries D-Lo will never be as into him as Kristina is, and that’s probably why he keeps hanging on to Kristina.

Kristina is right there hanging on with him, though. He’s feeding her every line she wants to hear, but he’s also not willing to ignore his attraction to Danielle to invest in his relationship with Kristina. I don’t think that’s going to change and Dean is not going to choose between them.

But why even give him a choice? I hope Kristina and Danielle recognize the game he’s playing and move on before any more feelings get hurt.

And to anyone out there who’s been fantasizing about dating Dean (I get it; I’ve been there a few times), praise be: BIP showed you the true Dean before you tried to slide into his DMs.