#Twinning: Chrissy Teigen Looked Just Like Selena Gomez As A Kid & I'm Shook

Every now and then, social media blesses our timelines with iconic images of celeb look-alikes. There was the holy trinity of Chris’ (Hemsworth, Evans, and Pines), Will Ferrell and Chad Smith, and now, my new favorite duo, Chrissy Teigen and Selena Gomez.

The love of my life, reigning social media queen Chrissy Teigen, knows just about every trick on how to go viral. From shady tweets at her husband to photos of her adorable children, Chrissy knows how to keep our attention. This week, she began trending again thanks to one of the most EPIC throwbacks. 

She shared a photo of herself during her middle school era, where she is seen sporting a red Tommy Hilfiger tank, a white skort, the iconic tattoo choker, and a pair of white Adidas—basically she captured the epitome of the '90s. "Jealous much,” she captioned the pic, which perfectly matches her sassy pose in the photo.

But the most iconic part of this photo is that young Chrissy actually looks a LOT like the other LOML, Selena Gomez. Don't believe me? Here's the proof.



jealous much

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The resemblance is uncanny, and I am living for it. I think I looked at the pic about four or five times before I realized that it was indeed Chrissy in the photo and not Selena. And I am not the only one who noticed that these two could be doppelgängers of winter's past. The post has already amassed over 725,000 likes, and the comments are littered with fans who are just as confused as I am.

“I was wondering why you posted a childhood picture of Selena,” one fan wrote. While another was just “glad that I’m not the only [one] who thought it was Selena Gomez at first." Some are even going as far as comparing Chrissy to a young Zendaya (which I honestly don’t see, but to each their own).

Here are some pics of Selena, if you're still not sold...



throwback -swag

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I will admit, it is not a perfect match but it is pretty damn close. I think it’s the full cheeks, long black hair and the fringe. I’m completely shooketh. 

Much like me, Chrissy is a die-hard Selena Gomez so she probably died and went to heaven when reading all of the comments comparing the two. I know I would have.