Cardi B's Best Moments at This Year's Grammy Awards

There's unfiltered — and then there's Cardi B. 

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards had a lot of great moments, but the show and its red carpet would've been a lot more boring if the "Bodak Yellow" rapper hadn't been in attendance. 

She got ~real~ about her pre-show nerves

Giuliana Rancic's face and response — "OK." — were priceless.

Her "Finesse" performance with Bruno Mars

The performance mimicked the 90s themed music video. She killed it, obviously. 

She gushed about her fiancé, Offset

Cardi B feeling insecure about her relationship? Nah.

“It makes me feel good,” Cardi B said to E!. “Even when we’re in an argument... I’m like does he really love me? He got me a half-million dollar ring, yeah he does."


Her reaction to how President Trump spends his time

One Grammys bit had various people (including Hillary Clinton!) read excerpts from Michael Wolff's tell-all book about President Donald Trump. Cardi B was...well, shocked.

Never change, Cardi B.