Candice Swanepoel is Tired of Being Shamed for Breastfeeding in Public

Since giving birth to her son a few months ago, model Candice Swanepoel has been extremely open about sharing her experience as a new mother. She's posted plenty of photos of her newborn, and even posted a nude photo of herself baring her bump prior to giving birth. Now that Candice is a mother, she's become more aware of society's attitude toward women who breastfeed in public, and she's got a few things to say on the subject.

Taking to Instagram, Candice shared her thoughts on how people view her and other mothers who feed their babies in public settings.

"Many women today are shamed for breastfeeding in public, or even kicked out of public places for feeding their children," she said. "I have been made to feel the need to cover up and somewhat shy to feed my baby in public places but strangely feel nothing for the topless editorials I've done in the name of art..?"

To Candice, breastfeeding is a natural part of life, and she doesn't believe she should be scrutinized for doing it. Moreover, the fact that she's praised for going topless during a photo shoot but shamed for breastfeeding in public is an awful double standard. 

"The world has been desensitized to the sexualization of the breast and to violence on tv...why should it be different when it comes to breastfeeding?" Candice added. "Breastfeeding is not sexual it's natural- Those who feel it is wrong to feed your child in public need to get educated on the benefits breastfeeding has on mother and child and intern on society as a whole." 

We applaud Candice for standing up to those who shame her.