Blue Ivy Reacting to Beyoncé & Jay-Z's Super Intimate Tour Video Is All of Us

While we may have all been freaking out over the beautiful, super intimate tour book photos and video that Beyoncé and Jay-Z released last week, it turns out that Blue Ivy has some decidedly...different ~feelings~ about them.

Because it's basically the funniest thing ever, a video of Blue Ivy attending her parents' On The Run II tour, and therefore, seeing these photos and videos for the first time, has gone viral after someone was able to capture her reaction — and clearly, it doesn't matter how famous your parents are, they're definitely still embarrassing AF.

As the video of her parents in bed together comes onscreen, Blue makes a truly horrified face before shaking her head and ultimately just ducking down to shield her eyes until the whole thing is over. The best part? She doesn't quite duck for long enough and has to take a few more quick horrified peeks ("MY EYES!") before finally standing up again to watch the rest of the concert.

I mean, if this is the only downside that comes with being the firstborn of the literal king and queen of music, then so be it. Besides, all parents are embarrassing — see, Blue Ivy is totally just like us! (Million dollar wardrobe aside anyway, I guess.)