The Best #TBT Post Goes To Shay Mitchell With A Nod To 'Pretty Little Liars' & We’re Overwhelmed

Shay Mitchell, notoriously known for her role as Emily Fields on the hit series we all know and miss, Pretty Little Liars, crushed our hearts with a precious #TBT to when she joined the PLL fam. Throwback Thursdays aren't supposed to be this emotional, guys.
The throwback is a note from Bob Levy and Leslie Morgenstein, producers at Alloy Entertainment, and it gives what might be the cutest welcoming ever.
"Here are the first two PRETTY LITTLE LIARS books and the next five in the series will be waiting for you when you get home. None of them are required reading, but we wanted to congratulate you on becoming one of our pretty  little liars and welcome you to the family. Break a leg!"

Fans across social media think Shay might be teasing us since it was recently announced that Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, a PLL spin-off, has officially been picked up by Freeform. While two former PLL cast members have already been confirmed for the spin-off, we're still dying to know if the rest of our girls will make an appearance. Nudge nudge, Shay.
We can only hope that Shay's emotional #TBT could be a subtle hint that she could be appearing in the upcoming spin-off series. If not, we will gladly weep in nostalgia along with her.