The Best Movies to Watch Over Winter Break

Now that it’s winter break – or for some of us, about to be – you’ve got weeks of relaxation ahead of you. Between shopping with your friends and catching up with the family, you’ll probably want to spend a few nights relaxing with the people you love. Get the hot chocolate ready – we’ve got your complete guide to the best movies to watch at home this season with everyone from your hookup buddy to your grandma. 

When You’re with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush

We’re not saying you have to watch romantic comedies all season, but date night probably isn’t the best time to break out heavy films like “127 Hours” or “The King’s Speech.” Winter break doesn’t mean you have to watch cheesy holiday movies, though, so here are some of our favorite films to watch with your significant other or potential beau.

Going the Distance (2010)
If you want something romantic but aren’t into romance, this film is perfect. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s chemistry will bring out your soft side, but costars Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis will keep you and your boo laughing the whole time. The film also features multiple performances by The Boxer Rebellion, a twist you’ll enjoy if you like alternative music.

Love Actually (2004)
Universal advertised this film as “the ultimate romantic comedy,” and it inspired the ensemble-cast trend followed in films like “He’s Just Not That Into You,” “Valentine’s Day,” and “New Year’s Eve.” With stars like Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson, this British film follows relationships ranging from stepson and father to sister and mentally-handicapped brother to (of course) romantic relationships. It’ll put both of you in the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of love, for your families and for each other.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)
As far as Christmas movies go, this film really is the best. And after a stressful semester and string of exams, college students can use the reminder that life does get better! If you’re someone who finds Jimmy Stewart’s voice annoying you may not enjoy this film, but if you’re looking for a holiday movie that’s deeper than the Claymation Rudolph stories, this film is a great choice.