'The Bachelor': Arie Slid Into Bekah M.'s DMs After the Show Ended & I'm Screaming

It’s one thing to receive a text from your ex after you’ve broken up, but it’s another to get multiple DMs from a guy who broke off his engagement for another woman on reality television. Bekah Martinez, famously known for her young age on the show, tweeted some pretty juicy screenshots during the jaw-dropping season finale. It turns out Arie sent her DMs at least twice during the first week of February, around the time Bekah’s missing person news broke the internet. Referring to the surprising messages, Bekah tweeted, “dm’ing your ex is a good look too.”

I wonder how many exes he ended up messaging…

Twitter must’ve been thinking the same thing, because Bekah’s revenge tweet received almost 1,000 retweets and over 300 comments. Check out some of the best reactions below: