Ariana Grande’s ‘Breathin’ Video Has An Unexpected Adorable Star

Ariana Grande's hit album, Sweetenerhas been topping the charts since it's release in August. Music videos for her singles "No Tears Left to Cry" and "God is a Woman" have been gloriously epic in typical Ariana Grande fashion. However, her most recent video for "Breathin'" is noticeably different. 

Staying true to her daydreamy, pastel aesthetic, the new music video, released on Wednesday, features an adorable breakout star, and it isn't Ariana. 

Frolicking around on a faux-fur blanket for the duration of the 3-minute song is the singer's pet piglet, Piggy Smallz. The relatively new addition to the Ariana Grande-Pete Davidson household is the sole focus, a notably simple change from her typical over-the-top style seen in most of her music videos. 

Simple or not, all this video seems to prove is that with Ariana's level of vocal talent, you don't always need an extravagant video to match it. 

And Piggy Smallz seems to be a true natural in front of the camera.