The Aftermath of the Miss Universe 2015 Announcement

Last night, nearly five million viewers witnessed one of the most uncomfortable moments in television history. You didn't have to be in Las Vegas to feel the awkward vibe that radiated throughout the room when Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant. Imagine having the world in your hands and then getting crushed by a giant meteor; this might be a less harsh way to describe how Miss Colombia felt as the crown got ripped off of her head and placed onto the head of the true winner, Miss Philippines. For those of you who didn't get to experience this painful moment, here's a little recap:

You may be wondering what went down behind the scenes after this incident and how everybody involved handled it. No, there were no cat fights. In fact, both Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines handled the situation with grace. In a backstage interview after the crowning, Miss Colombia stated that everything happens for a reason and she expressed how thankful she is for all of the support.

Miss Philippines remained humble throughout the situation and proceeded by joking that the occurrence was "so 2015" (maybe hinting at how dramatic our society is nowadays).  

Steve Harvey has also apologized again for the mix up via Twitter (and yes, there were some spelling errors). In his defense, humans make mistakes. Even if it be unintentionally humiliating someone in front of the entire world... let's see how long it takes him to live this down. No pressure, Steve.

Since the incident, many humorous pictures have gone viral via sites such as Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Because what better way to escape an uncomfortable situation than to laugh it off?