8 Reasons Why Leo Needs to Win An Oscar, God Help Us All

It's almost a running joke, and is undoubtedly a common Internet meme, that Leo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar. Fans are outraged, with good reason. Leo has been nominated six times, but has yet to receive the award that we know he seriously deserves.

These are eight reasons that we really, really think Leo just needs to win an Oscar already. 

1. He just makes us feel for his characters.

If you haven't cried during at least one (more like every) Leo DiCaprio movie, you're obviously lying.

2. He's been waiting patiently for so long.

Leo's first nomation was back in 1993, so it's been over twenty years and he has yet to win. He clearly has patience and inner peace on another plane from the rest of humanity, because most of us can't even wait a half an hour for pizza delivery. 

3. He can play any character, even an iconic one.

How is that Leo managed to pull off Gatsby so well? Gatsby is such a complex character, and it really takes a strong actor to perform in that role with all the nuance that Leo brought to it.

4. Because Inception was mind-numbing.

We're all still a little shocked that Leo wasn't nominated for Inception, because with all those twists and turns...let's just say we're still not sure exactly what happened!

5. The Titantic still makes us cry.

Leo wasn't nominated for The Titanic, either, but we can almost forgive this one, because we still tear up when we hear the penny whistle solo from "My Heart Will Go On." Leo didn't need an award to prove how heartbreaking The Titantic is, and always will be.

6. Leo deserves it.

We can only imagine what it's like being an insanely talented actor who has been nominated for several Academy Awards and not won any. Poor Leo. 

7. The Internet would honestly explode.

The amount of memes directed at Leo's lack of Oscars is phenomenal. We can't even imagine what would happen if he actually won after all this time. 

8. It's his time to shine. 

There's something so satisfactory about rooting for someone, and patiently waiting for their success. And there's a lot to be said about his own modesty through the whole thing. But it's also so thrilling to see an actor you believe in finally get the award they've deserved all along. This is Leo's time. 

If Leo doesn't win at the Oscars this year, it'll just be more fodder for the endless memes generated around his near-misses. Wouldn't it be great if the Internet had some original material to work with this time, like, say, an Oscar win? Please grant us our wish, Academy. 

We're hoping Leo finally wins his much-deserved Oscar. We're keeping our fingers crossed.