7 Reasons Why Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Webber Can't Be Replaced

Even though last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy focused more on Alex and his trial, it also focused on the fact that Dr. Minnick is trying to change the way the hospital works. Since Dr. Webber, the heart of the hospital, arrived at the hospital many years ago, he has created a program that works for all the doctors and the staff. Everybody loves him and respects him as the former chief of surgery.

Ever since Dr. Minnick's appearance this past season, the show has been testing our patience since this new doctor is trying to take Webber's place and mess up the program that he built. In last night's episode, we were able to see how Minnick's new system is affecting the doctors, and we're not fans. Dr. Webber shouldn't be replaced, and here are some reasons why.

1. Everybody loves him

Who doesn't love Richard Webber?

2. He built the program from the ground up

And there's no way that it's going to change.

3. He has a special bond with his doctors

Especially Meredith.

4. Everybody looks up to him

He's just the best.

5. And probably the wisest guy ever

6. He's viewed as a father figure to most

Everybody sees Richard as a dad.

7. He's smart and knows what he's doing

Nobody can mess with his knowledge.