7 Times Alex Was Actually The Best "Person" to Meredith

Through sixteen seasons of ups and downs, friendships turning into family and best friends disappearing to Switzerland (yes, I will never get over Cristina leaving Mer), a comforting constant–throughout all of the deaths and departures–was Merlex: Meredith Grey and Alex Karev's unexpected, yet deeply comforting and relatable friendship. 

What's more is that Karev had the most impressive character development, going from Evil Spawn and probably everyone's least favorite from the OG cast to a successful doctor and fan-favorite. While Karev's departure may have broken one too many hearts, let's not forget the many times he was the best person to Mer:


  1. 1. When he held her after her attack

    When Mer was left bed-ridden, unable to even speak after her horrible attack, Alex climbed into bed with her and held her as she cried. When Mer later went to therapy, her therapist asked her who visited her the most and her answer was Alex. 

  2. 2. When he wanted Waffle Sundays with her kids

    Alex was a great uncle to Mer's kids, and treated them like family. When he wanted to have Waffle Sundays with the kids, it was so pure. Despite his hardass personality, Alex was always good with kids – especially with Zola, Bailey and Ellis.

  3. 3. When he gave her the dating pep talk

    Alex understood how difficult it was to get back out there, especially after you lose the person you love. As someone who had lost far too many people in his life, he made sure to remind Mer that there would always be "new people" in life, and that it's okay to let them in.

  4. 4. But also let her vent

    When Meredith had a freakout after sleeping with Thorpe, Alex canceled his surgeries to rush to her house and check on her. After spending all day hanging out while she cleaned, he sat beside her when she was finally ready and listened to her reminisce about Derek and talk through her feelings.

  5. 5. When he offered to kick Derek's ass (while he was in the shower!)

    As we've seen, Alex has always listened to Mer. Whether he was in bed with Jo or taking a shower, he was all ears. Alex would do anything for Mer, and he's always offered to beat up other men in her life who may have upset her, he once even offered to beat McDreamy up!

  6. 6. When he brought in a whole army of witnesses to support her in court

    This is my personal favorite Merlex moment. I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry when Alex brought in a ton of Mer's old patients (including Katie Bryce, IYKYK) and testimonies from old doctors to support her in court. It was such a grand gesture and really showed just how much he cared for her and stood by her.

  7. 7. When he loved her, even though he left her

    While Alex leaving was a bummer and Grey's will never be the same, it helps to know that he left still loving Mer, giving her one final pep talk and reminding her how amazing she is.

Alex Karev was the best friend we all wish we had. He had Mer's back through anything and everything, stood up for her, protected her, and listened to her. Alex Karev was the definition of a good "person", and Mer was lucky to have him.