6 Times You Actually Felt Sorry for Evan on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Oh, Evan… When we heard you were going to be on Bachelor in Paradise, we thought it would be your big chance to show the world how cool and awesome you are! How you are more than just a penis doctor. And how all the ladies actually love you IRL. Well, turns out we were wrong. After this week's BIP, we can't help but feel sorry for Evan. And it's not just because of Carly. Okay, well maybe that's a large part of it, but he put that on himself. Even so, here are six times we actually felt sorry for Evan. 

1. When he was reminiscing on THE kiss

2. And then he got blindsided and dumped

We want to say we didn't see this coming but…we all did. You just didn't, Evan. 

3. And then he cried

4. When he made his own date card


6. And to top it off, this tweet

Ugh come on, Evan. You are better than this! In the words of Justin Bieber, just freaking love yourself.