6 of Annalise's Most Intense 'How To Get Away With Murder' Speeches

Our favorite dysfunctional, scandalous, murderous, intense TV show is finally back. How to Get Away With Murder made its return with a vengeance on Thursday night, and this season is clearly going to be one of the craziest yet. After opening with the show’s traditional flash-forward-to-unknown-murder scene at Connor and Oliver’s wedding (ugh, just let them be happy please), we’re back in Annalise’s classroom for an advanced course. She’s not here to mess around (as usual), and cuts over half the class right from the start. With Annalise’s intense speeches and monologues finally back in our lives, let’s recap seven of her most intense speeches to date, including the opening to last night’s season five premiere.

Who Wants In? 


Annalise gives a pretty dramatic, drawn out, and extremely pessimistic take on what life as a passionate lawyer will be like. After going through all of the consequences choosing that life will have on her students, she poses the question with a smile: “So who wants in?”

Supreme Court Justice System Takedown


In last season’s highly anticipated Scandal crossover, Annalise’s case against the US Justice System comes to an intense conclusion. Her speech at the Supreme Court, explaining how Jim Crow lives on through the lack of civil rights afforded to inmates and African-American citizens, especially within the justice system, was one of the most powerful moments of the show to-date.

I Wanted to Die With My Son 

While we all know Annalise wanted nothing to do with therapy, after her therapist pushed her to write a letter to her dead husband Sam, she finally opens up for the first real time on the show about the loss of her baby. The most intense moment of this speech? Annalise admits that she wanted to die with her son, and it’s a rare moment of raw vulnerability from her.

Fighting Her Suspension 

Following scandal after scandal, Annalise meets with the University President and the board to find out they want to suspend her from teaching and being present at Middleton. She does not take this news lightly. Daring them to lock her out of her classroom, she proves her passion and underlying need for teaching and the students, whether or not she shows it frequently.

Except I Don’t Have to Fake It

Granted, this scene doesn't display one of the show’s classic Annalise monologues, but the ending line powers over audiences with its significance. After ADA Atwood refuses to negotiate with Annalise upon the basis of who she is, even claiming that the entire DA’s office would have nothing to do with her, Annalise asks her about her confidence. Atwood explains that it’s a move taken from her, and Annalise clips back with “except I don’t have to fake it." The powerful part of that statement, though, is that we get to see the real Annalise. She stands strong in the courtroom, but the hatred thrown her way takes its toll on her in the long run.

Second Chances

After winning her class action in the season four finale, Annaliese summarizes life for us pretty well. She explains the power of second chances and how things aren’t always as black and white when it comes to who seems good or bad.

Season five is bound to be full of more intense Annalise moments, and we can’t wait!