5 Reasons The Mindy Project's Ben is a Total Fuckboy

Season five of The Mindy Project has already brought us an abundance of boy drama including a love triangle, a romantic apartment purchase and an ex's impending marriage. It's also introduced Nurse Ben, Mindy's latest love interest. And although some of us weren't in love with him at first, he seems like he's here to stay…for now. He's great with baby Leo and even has a daughter of his own—he seems perfect, right?

Except it's 2016, which means even Mindy Lahiri dates her share of fuckboys. Ben may not be your obvious fuckboy, but he's definitely exhibited some of the telltale signs. This week Mindy discovers that Ben has also been dating another woman at the hospital since they hadn't had the "exclusive" talk yet. Mindy—obviously upset—decides to go out with a famous actor who turns out to be a total jerk (or wanker, since he's British). Perhaps this character is meant to make Ben seem better by comparison, since Mindy eventually forgives Ben for his infidelity and they agree to be ~official~. 

Whether or not Mindy continues her relationship with Ben, he still gets temporary "fuckboy" status. Here's why:

1. He cheated on Mindy.

Technically​, they weren't exclusive yet, but as Morgan says, if you rely on technicalities, then you know what you're doing is wrong. 

2. He's not as open about his life as Mindy is.

She was super open about her ex and baby Leo, and yet she only met his daughter by accident.

3. His hotness totally distracts from his fuckboy actions. 

You can't fool us, Ben!

4. He was threatened by her success.

He acted like Mindy's education and career were an excuse for him to date other people. Not. Cool. 

5. He still doesn't even know Mindy that well.

This episode showed him both asking Mindy to go for a hike and giving her a book of poetry. Does he know Mindy at all?!