27 Hidden Gems That You Didn't Spot in Taylor Swift’s New Music Video (But Don't Worry, I Did)

If you’re not already aware of the fact that Taylor Swift dropped her brand new single and music video last night, ME!, featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, I don’t know what to tell you. Like, this is front page news – where have you been? Go ahead and give it a quick, scrutinizing watch right now: 

Damn, that’s a lot to unpack, huh? The bright, sunny day, cotton candy colors and peppy dance steps are a stark contrast to the dark undertones of Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor’s last lead single. But one thing they have in common? A collection of throwbacks and, assumedly, teasers of what’s to come. Did you catch all of the details that Taylor surely spent months cryptically planning? The colorful, you-positive anthem’s video is chock full of potential hints to future releases and references to Taylor’s past. Here are the 27 I (and all fans) are losing it over: 

  1. 1. 13 Weeks?

    Turn the title screen upside down, and what do you get? 13 days past the date stamped in July in the 2019 calendar, of course.

  2. 2. The Death of the Snake

    The snake was arguably the symbol of the reputation era, so it's fitting that the new era would begin with it bursting into a swarm of butterflies, which symbolize rebirth or transformation. After all, in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive.

  3. 3. Begin Again

    The opening scenes are very reflective of the music video for Begin Again, between the stone pathway and the fight in French. Another symbol of rebirth?

  4. 4. The Christmas Tree in the Corner

    Taylor grew up on a Christmas tree farm - is this a nod to her roots? There's no other indication of the holiday season so, forgive me, are we going back to the beginning? Or better yet, are we getting another round of Swiftmas? I'm still convinced my package was lost in a FedEx crash in Atlanta. 

  5. 5. Meredith & Olivia

    Taylor's "young daughters" have had many a starring role throughout their short careers, and Taylor recently declared cats to be one of her major influences. What will they do next?!

  6. 6. RED Tour's Treacherous Dress

    The tulle skirt here is adorned with plenty of pastel florals, but take them away and it's like 2013 all over again. 

  7. 7. The Dixie Chicks' Feature on the Cool Chicks Wall

    Are we getting another collab?! 

  8. 8. Palm Trees!

    Featured outside of the windows in the hallway as she storms out of the apartment. When, oh when, will we learn what they mean?

  9. 9. The Grand Staircase

    In Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor's throne sits atop a darkened grand staircase. In ME!, she descends a white marbled one.  

  10. 10. The Rotary Phone

    In ME! Taylor knows she was psycho on the phone, tapping a pink rotary on her way out the door. In Look What You Made Me Do, she told whoever was on the other line that the old her was dead. 

  11. 11. The Cloud Snakes

    The snake strikes at Taylor, engulfing her entirely, but quickly melts away to reveal she's unharmed. Trouble may follow, but it has no effect on her. 

  12. 12. The Number of Clouds

    In Taylor's IG live, she told us all to pay special attention to the clouds and the briefcases. I've seen a lot of people counting 13 clouds, but if you look at the left edge a 14th peeks into the frame. 

  13. 13. 7 Briefcases

    One for each album? Or, since Taylor called them out specifically, along with the clouds, in her recent IG live, 7.14? That doesn't match up to the calendar stamps though, but 14/7 is 2, and I do believe there are plenty of hints suggesting this to be track 2!

  14. 14. The Surrounding Chrysalis

    The entire set is surrounded by a chrysalis, yet another symbol for transformation. 

  15. 15. The Clock, Set to 8:30

    What is the importance? Is it August 30th? The 13th day of the month is stamped, could that mark the beginning of the countdown to the full album?

  16. 16. 1989 Tour's How You Get the Girl Dress

    The pink waterfall skirt features glittering lights, reminiscent of the costume Taylor wore on stage during the 1989 World Tour.

  17. 17. The Engagement Ring

    Taylor loves to send messages in response to any and all speculation. Is her blatant distain for the proposal a nod to those who continue to spread the rumors that she's engaged?

  18. 18. The 'Lover' Neon Sign

    This is an oddly blatant display — could it be the name of the next single?

  19. 19. The Newest Family Member

    Taylor teased a secret she'd been keeping hidden for months that would be revealed in the music video, and it turned out to be her brand new kitten! I'd take Benjamin Button over a ring anyday. 

  20. 20. A Kaleidoscope of Loud Heartbeats Under Coats

    A throwback to the classic line from 1989's Welcome to New York, Brendon pulls back his coat to reveal a heart-shaped door. What's behind it?

  21. 21. 16 Kaleidoscope Hearts

    Could this be the number of tracks on the album? 

  22. 22. Fearless Tour's Drum Major Outfit

    The very first outfit of the Fearless tour, they ripped it off to reveal a sparkly dress below.

  23. 23. 7 Stairs

    Another appearance of the number 7. Could there be various representations of 7 to stand for the various songs on the album?

  24. 24. The Pomp and Circumstance

    Reminiscent of a cheerleading routine or halftime show, in combination with the sneak-peak dropped during the NFL draft, could this be a subtle announcement that Taylor will play the next Super Bowl?

  25. 25. 1, 2, 3 Let's Go Bitch

    Could strike the band up, 1, 2, 3 have been born of 1, 2, 3 let's go bitch? Either way, I'm hype af. 

  26. 26. Back to the Cowboy Boots

    Once again, are we back to the roots?

  27. 27. Out of the Woods Music Video Outfit

    In the Out of the Woods music video, and as zombie Taylor rises from the grave during Look What You Made Me Do, she wears a long, pale blue dress. In ME! the dress slowly becomes liquified, yet another type of transformation. 

  28. 28. The 7 Outfits of ME!

    Again, representative of seven albums?!