19 Reasons Why We Should Have Never Grown Up

When we were 5 years old, all we wanted to do was grow up. Little did we know that we were living the dream in a world full of play dates and park swings. Now that we’re older and it’s socially unacceptable to order a Happy Meal or wear a tutu in public, we realize how good we had it when we were kids.

1. Play dates

Nothing can compare to hours spent playing Barbies with your bestie.

2. Screaming for the ice cream truck

That signature jingle will always remind us of fudgsicles.

3. Wearing dress up clothes in public

Wait…so we can’t wear our Frozen costumes to the grocery store anymore?


What we would give to have required napping built into our schedules…

5. Going to the playground

Pure joy = slides, swings and monkey bars.

6. Happy Meal toys

Except if you get a lame one, then your whole day was ruined.

7. Playing make-believe

Now we can’t switch our careers from princess to astronaut so easily.

8. Snow days

Especially if you wore your PJs inside out and backwards the night before. #winning

9. Ordering chicken fingers and/or mac & cheese every time you went to a restaurant

Never mind, we still do that.

10. The kids’ table at holiday gatherings

Once you get invited to the boring adult table, there’s no going back.

11. Throwing a temper tantrum whenever and wherever we wanted

Sometimes you just need to have a good cry.

12. Field trips

When zoos and planetariums were essential to our learning.

13. Coloring

If we were lucky, we got the box of 64 crayons with the built-in sharpener.

14. Watching cartoons all day

Now if we watch cartoons all day, it’s probably because we’re too hungover to function.

15. Making sandcastles

Who has time to tan when you have a killer moat to build?

16. Not paying for anything

“Being broke” is something you grow into.

17. Paper fortune tellers / M.A.S.H. R.A.P.

It was always a good day when you found out you were going to make $1 billion dollars and marry your crush.

18. Birthday parties

We went exclusively for the cake and goodie bags.

19. Cooties

Guys were a lot easier to deal with when we wanted nothing to do with them.

Why did we grow up again?